Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have a STORE!!

I finally got around to setting up a store where I can sell my work. I put a link on my blog for the store, check it out feel free to buy as much art as you like.

Last weekend I did a live painting event organized by the Hive at the Mountain Bar in China town. That was kind of an interesting experience.

Today I dropped I spent several hours painting and dropped a piece of at The Hive Gallery for the March show.

Black Maria sold the rest of the animals that I had and so I took some new work over to them. They are doing great at selling my work. I also finally met Jennifer who bought the 9 faces that Black Maria had in the Skip the Mall show and we negotiated a commission, I'm waiting for photographs to get started on that.

Suddenly I seem to be selling work. I suppose it makes sense that I never sold work when I never showed, now I show I do sell, go figure.

Here are a couple of new pieces that I finished this weekend. These are the 2 that are now showing at the Hive.