Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am a little obsessed with making videos for youtube at the moment. Analog art has taken a bit of a back seat for the time being but I will try to get back to it soon. Check out my videos, there is a link called videos along with the other links in the sidebar.


Lorena said...

Hi Jon,
I am a former student of yours at Brooks. I don't expect you to remember me, but I was thinking about Brooks lately and wondered if your site was still up. It is! Hope all is well.

Jon Measures said...

Hey Lorena, I haven't checked these comments in a while so I'm sorry that you didn't get a response. In the years that I was at Brooks I had more that one Lorena as a student, what was your last name?

lorena said...
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Lorena Guerra said...

wow...that last person who responded to you wasn't me.
Now i almost dont want to give my last name.
either way, i had you for typography and quark. just shouting out though. glad to see you're selling work. your stuff is great. I've recently tapped into my painting skills again, so your stuff is really inspirational.
Have a good one.