Monday, January 07, 2008

Starting Over

It's a new year and I need a new start. I came across the Painting a Day guys site again recently. I had had this idea sometime ago and I started doing it but I got out of the habit. We'll say I was bus, after all that's partly true, but also lack of discipline set in and I got out of the routine. Now it's been a year since I posted.

OK, I am going to start making a piece of art a day again. I think ideally these should all be finish objects analog in nature but I am going to kick off with a hybrid digital drawing, this drawing is a design for a screen print the black and red elements would be printed the background is a fake in Photoshop of the type of texture I would like to print on to.

Oh WOW!! I just noticed that blogger now supports video, that is too cool and this probably shows how long it's been since I last posted. 

Anyway, here is my art of the day "Love Blossom". I realize this is very girly and corny but I am attracted to this image. It's also very out of touch with my intentions for work right now. The thing that I would like to tackle is a series of works again focusing on the east side of Los Angeles. It's a city that is hard to take in because it's so vast and spread out not to mention the diverse nature of the various areas. I like this line quality however but I would like to mix the draw line with photographic surfaces and texture. Well. for now I need to work so here's my first post in a while and I'll try and keep up a near piece a day pace.

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