Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have a STORE!!

I finally got around to setting up a store where I can sell my work. I put a link on my blog for the store, check it out feel free to buy as much art as you like.

Last weekend I did a live painting event organized by the Hive at the Mountain Bar in China town. That was kind of an interesting experience.

Today I dropped I spent several hours painting and dropped a piece of at The Hive Gallery for the March show.

Black Maria sold the rest of the animals that I had and so I took some new work over to them. They are doing great at selling my work. I also finally met Jennifer who bought the 9 faces that Black Maria had in the Skip the Mall show and we negotiated a commission, I'm waiting for photographs to get started on that.

Suddenly I seem to be selling work. I suppose it makes sense that I never sold work when I never showed, now I show I do sell, go figure.

Here are a couple of new pieces that I finished this weekend. These are the 2 that are now showing at the Hive.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am a little obsessed with making videos for youtube at the moment. Analog art has taken a bit of a back seat for the time being but I will try to get back to it soon. Check out my videos, there is a link called videos along with the other links in the sidebar.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Better Cells

This is one of the two paintings I sold at TruXtop in October of 2007. The other piece I do not have a picture of unfortunately.

Long Distance Communication.

Long Distance Communication. Another page in my sketchbook.

Talking Radio Heads

I wasn't going to do any art or blog this evening because I have so much work to do but I ended up pulling off a nice page in my sketchbook so I had to grab a flick of it and bang it up. Here's the page, collage and sharpie with stickers. images from Wired magazine faces are Talking Heads and Radio Head front men. Pop Surrealist?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Color Coded

This piece is a painting/sculpture made using paper mache and acrylics. This piece was lost by a gallery that will remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent. If I ever get it back you can buy it and give it a safe well ventilated home for just $75


One of a kind vinyls for a show in Dec at Under The Table in Atwater Village, LA. The eyeball guy called "The Magician" sold "Amoeboy" is still available at "Under the table". "Under the Table" is a store next to and run by the owners of Black Maria Gallery.

3 microscopic series

Here are 3 of the small paintings for Concrete Walls from the microscopic series.

$95 each or all 3 for $250

The Worm

This piece was done for the December Group show at The Hive Gallery and is called "The Worm Pokes His Head out and Takes a Look Around". This piece is still available for $125

Eau Natural

One more posting again another piece from Dec. "Eau Natural". This is for sale for $125.

I sold several pieces of art last month. This month got off to a good start with the painting I had at the Hive selling.

More recent art

The Three Amoebas. These are also on show at TruXtop. This show ends soon. You can buy these for $95 each or $250 for the set.

House in the Country

Recent painting, Dec 07. It is currently on show at TruXtop in Silver Lake.

You can buy this painting for the bargain price of $125

New Sketchbook page

Determined to keep making a piece of art everyday or at least almost everyday, I did some work in my sketch book. This piece is influenced by my new work environment, I just started working in a loft space 7 stories up in the heart of downtown LA, I have a great view of Main Street and all the fantastic old buildings, cars, people, grime and faded signs that make your heart skip a beat.

This page is a little rushed but it is part of process I am under going to redefine the way I construct images based on an integration of digital and analog process and thought process.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Starting Over

It's a new year and I need a new start. I came across the Painting a Day guys site again recently. I had had this idea sometime ago and I started doing it but I got out of the habit. We'll say I was bus, after all that's partly true, but also lack of discipline set in and I got out of the routine. Now it's been a year since I posted.

OK, I am going to start making a piece of art a day again. I think ideally these should all be finish objects analog in nature but I am going to kick off with a hybrid digital drawing, this drawing is a design for a screen print the black and red elements would be printed the background is a fake in Photoshop of the type of texture I would like to print on to.

Oh WOW!! I just noticed that blogger now supports video, that is too cool and this probably shows how long it's been since I last posted. 

Anyway, here is my art of the day "Love Blossom". I realize this is very girly and corny but I am attracted to this image. It's also very out of touch with my intentions for work right now. The thing that I would like to tackle is a series of works again focusing on the east side of Los Angeles. It's a city that is hard to take in because it's so vast and spread out not to mention the diverse nature of the various areas. I like this line quality however but I would like to mix the draw line with photographic surfaces and texture. Well. for now I need to work so here's my first post in a while and I'll try and keep up a near piece a day pace.