Thursday, September 07, 2006

new art ideas

Still haven't been able to find time for art. I have this idea to make models of buildings based on photos I take around LA, I am not sure if they would be literal interpretations of a specific building or buidlings or if it would be a kind of construct of several parts. I see them in glass cases and with at least one I imagine it floating in the glass case with the underground visible. I see the glass cases being like old style museum cases like I remember from the British Museum, old dark polished wood, with molding, the plinth prsents a problem for me as I see it as stark white but that seems to be in conflict with the cases anyway I can solve that problem down the line.

I would also like to make some of people miniture but I think these would be best if I made them in Maya and used some kind of rapid prototyping process to print or produce the scultures. I have a clear image in my mind for these pieces. My concern is they maybe too dry or lack humour but that could be solved by the choice of subject probably.

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