Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Indochine Vien

Here is the Indochine Vien ad I just did that I had said yesterday that I would upload.

Casita del Campo

This is a new ad that I just made for Silver Lake's legendary Mexican Restaurant, great bar, excellent margaitta's. The place is visually warm and friendly and I wanted to express that in the ad. The grid is inspired by the stained glass and mosiacs that abound at this great eating place.

I am working on a new web site for design work, I am probbaly going to do it in flash. II am going to keep Jon strictly for art stuff and experimental web ideas. In the mean time I will post some ads I've been doing because I am frustrated by not having time to set up a real design site.

I did a photo shoot on Saturday on my crutches, the crutches acted somewhat like a tripod. That reminds me I need to get a new tripod. I used my own photography on this and another restaurant ad that I did for Indochine, a hip Atwater Village Vietnamese eatery that I would highly recommend. I will upload their ad later.

New ad

Here is my latest ad, inspired by my running injury. I am myself on crutches after spraining my ankle training for the 2007 LA marathon.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I may well be absent from this blog for some time, I am busy with other things and it is not serving the original pupose so much anymore. I may return in the near future or I may never touch it again, I am unsure about it's future right now. I still like the idea but I feel I could spend my time more wisely in other ways. I could well end up adding some examples form time to time. However, I may start a different blog with a whole new agenda.