Thursday, April 06, 2006

Web art

I was racking my brains tonight, it's late and I'm tired again. The only thing I came up with is web art, a site or sites designed as art. This is something I have considered before but I haven't explored. I like the idea of creating art using new media especially as a lot of what I am grappling with is to do with connections that are formed and how this relates to our hyperlink experience today. I imagine a site where you can explore pages that play with the idea of what a webpage can be. I could also use the site to experiment with the medium from a technical standpoint as well as a conceptual one. I could use Flash, action script, and XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and see what is possible with these different web approaches, push the boundaries of the medium. I don't have a clear enough idea of the content at this point, I can certainly pull upon the visual vocabulary of my work, the abstract depiction of connections but I imagine a truly multimedia experience where sound, video, animation, photography drawing, writing, etc. are all employed to tell the story. For the most parts web sites seem to be informative and I was wondering if a site couldn't work somewhat like a film only in a less linear manner of course. I don't think that this is a new idea but I haven't seen sites like the ones I have in my mind. The other point I am unclear about is whether or not the site should be thoroughly planned out from the point of inspection or if I could grow the site organically, there maybe some point between those poles that makes more sense. The final point, this would make a great Masters topic to explore, if anyone knows of a school that is really strong in the area of new media in the Los Angeles area, UCLA perhaps?

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dave ferrell said...

jon -
check out it's about as close to a web page for the purpose of being art as have found.