Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I wrote a post once and then deleted it when trying to delete an entirely different blog that i had begun a couple of years back. I started this because I had it on my to do list to start a blog. What I want to do is make a digital sketchbook or scrap book. We'll see if I can do this how I imagined it.

Don't expect good grammer or spelling. Hopefully I will present a stream of ideas and images that will make you think and more importantly act. I am doing this to give structure to my desire to create art on a dily basis.

The first image was done playing with a Wacom tablet. I had this vague idea to create a series of piieces of art basedon the material objects that I desire. I am currently fascinated with the notion that what we buy forms who we are on a variety of levels. What we own changes our self image, it changes the type of things we can do in certain cases, etc. This is the 2006 BMW M5 which looks like a regular 5 series family sedan only it has a V10/550HP under the hood.

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