Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am still trying to define what and why I am doing this blog. I'm tired tonight and I felt like not doing anything. I forced myself to make a simple piece of digital art. The process it's self is an important part of the reason for doing it. Now I feel like I have to make a piece of art everyday and check it off my list. I don't expect these bits of ideas to always be great art that isn't the point it's a sketchbook. If there are spelling mistakes and other typos, fine, so be it.

I didn't have an idea to work with in particular but I did get a new Wacom tablet today so I decided to take that for a spin. I have always been very interested in technique. Technique tends to be looked down on, it's all about concept but I think that technique and the exploration of technique is revealing in and of it's self. I enjoy mark making and it's one area that without the pressure sesitive tablet the computer really lacks. This is not to say that tablets totally replace marks on paper or canvas, it's still a simulation and it's still less connected than traditional media. Even though I have used pressure sensitive pads before I have never really got in to it. I am trying to give it another shot, I do like the way this Intuos 3 works with Photoshop although I still need to try out some other nibs and settings.

When I was doing the scribble piece that i have uploaded here I was excitedd about the animated nature of the marks and it made me consider doing some Flash stuff to shove up here.

Yesterday I had promised images and I still need to do that, I am sure there is tons of typos because I ready to collapse from lack of sleep. Why am I apologizing?

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