Sunday, March 12, 2006

Personal style

I am often perplexed by the idea that my art needs to mean something and that the meanings need to be fully formed. Should pieces of art form a cohesive body of work? On the surface it seems obvious that the work should all hang together but there is a part of me that insists on rebelling against this assumption and my gut says rebel. One of the things that has always attracted me to Gerhardt Richter’s work is the fact that he continues to do two distinctly different types of painting, pure abstraction and photo-realism. My work has themes but I like them to be loose. I remember in an old Thames and Hudson book called Modern Art Since 1945 it explained how Hockney aimed to make art that was in a whole bunch of different styles, it struck me then that I like to explore different ideas different, styles, techniques and approaches all the time. Anyway, I am sure that eventually when I look back on my life’s work that there will be threads and stylistic similarities that are unmistakable but I can’t see it, perhaps I’m too close to the process to really see the big picture. The point of this entry is to announce to myself and anyone reading that I don’t care, I just make art, someone else can do the judging.

I need to make some art to go along with today's blog I will do that later on.

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