Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Duchampian diagrams

This diagram is based on Duchamp's etching The Large Glass completed in 1965

I don't have time to blog so here's an e-mail I got from my friend Wal about the diagrams are sexy blog.

Duchamp was interested in the appearance of 'science' ie diagrams and created his own 'science' as a means of creativity. You may be familiar with his metre that he used to measure?

I love stuff that has been produced for one purpose and its appearance is entriely fucntional, but has the happy by-product of being beautiful. I also love those scraps of paper that are left over after a discussion that are splattered with scribbles of illustration and that are meaningless to even the conversationalists shortly after the conversation has ended. Pollock always said that the painting is dead the moment the last drip of paint hits the canvas.

I love areas of human involvement that are now being reclaimed by nature. The shells of defunct petrol stations are a particular favourite.

The new bookcases have arrived and the many sections are now to be carried up two flights of stairs. I am currently resting between carrying the sixth and seventh section.


Mr Wal

This is one of the things I always liked about Joseph Beuys's drawings too.

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