Sunday, March 19, 2006

Diagrams are sexy

This is an appropriated image with text added, a diagram from the manual that comes with the JVC Everico video camera I just bought. This image touches on two areas of interest in my work. The first of these areas of interest is the way that conmsumer products, especially technology help to define us for good or bad. I already mentioned this on this blog. The other area is a stylistic rather than conceptual thing, I have long had a fascination with diagrams, exploded views of engines technical drawings and information graphics in general. I think it's interesting that people never get famous for doing this stuff, yet the best diagramatic art rivals the best graphic arts such as poster design and packaging. I am interested in the functionality of these darwings but also the clinical detached style can be useful for coopting for fine art and editorial illustration.

By the way today is my Birthday, I'm as old as the hills.

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