Saturday, March 11, 2006

Always Hungry

I decided instead of doing a new piece of art specifically to ad to my blog I will ad a piece I have done before. I made this piece several months ago, it’s called "Always hungry". I have been thinking that it would make a great toy like you get from Kid Robot, Hong Kong vinyl type thing. I was talking to one of my students Aaron, about using this technique for one of his characters that he was using for the Advanced Computer Illustration class on Friday. Aaron is very influenced by the whole urban art scene especially Twist. He told me that this idea to use foam to carve was a real break-through for him a light bulb went off. I got turned on to using this green foam from Larry Klepper. I am not sure where larry got the idea from. There are other types of foam, which I should probably explore, some designed or marketed specifically for sculpting with.

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