Friday, March 31, 2006

I lost my frame

I have been experimenting with Google ads and moving them around on my blog, I am actually making some money from it. I was thinking of making a chart based on where the ads are on the page, what color the ads are and so on. I did have them at the top of the page but which seems to be much more successful but I aesthetically it takes over the page. Anyway, since I was moved the ads from the top of the page to the sidebar I lost the frame, I tried taking the ads out of the sidebar but that didn't help. I also looked through the code but I couldn't find the error if anyone has any ideas, I would like to fix that.

Charts and graphs

I am getting more interested in the idea of art based on information graphics, paintings and sculptures. I think it's interesting taking the data away or the context away and simply showing the visual representation of the data.

This one is a purely aesthetic stab.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to the diagram

My focus at this time in my life is becoming more organized. The plan above is symbolic of that. This design is part of a larger interactive project I can't talk about here right now but I see it as a painting as well with the typography removed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Magazine Rack

I had mentioned it earlier and so I figured I should upload an image of it. I have also made designs for a Shelf using a deStil type letterform. When I find the design i will upload that one as well.

Here is a couple of others, I may have to see when I make a model to scale but the magazine rack could be sold along with a glass top to double as a coffe table.

Mum's Card

This is the art that I did for today. I also started working on the design for a magazine rack that is based on the capital letter W from Gill Sans.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Web painting

I had meant to do this one yesterday, anyway here it is. I have been trying to upoad the image and it's not uploading.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I haven't posted in a couple of days. I waqs so tired at the end of this week I just had to let it go. I am going to make a bit of art and then I'll upload it later.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

e-mail art

I sent an e-mail to my friend Wal in London asking if he would be interested in doing a show via e-mail in LA. This is an idea that I have thought about before. Send plans and files or recieve plans and files via e-mail and then print and make into a show. I am pressed for time but I wanted to just note this ideas any I'll work it through in more detail later. I also wanted to say more about web like structures, in fact the show could be about web like structures. I would love to do the same show in London and LA at the same time and have the opening on a web camera showing the other opening.

These were images from a Google search for web structures.

This is a sketch of a diagram from a book I am reading on getting things done.

I was walking up and down in the backyard this evening as I do and I got to thinking about webs, web like structures and web style diagrams. It's a form that often crops up in my work. I often feel like all my mental energy that goes into art is primarily about creating connections between disperate things and experience. I love the math problems and the collage like insane decode from magazines that the charcter in A Beautiful Mind kept making, that to me is art. Another strong point that struck me, though I'm not sure how this helps is the fact that I am more interested in things I don't fully understand. If I understand something I need to move on. Anyway, tired, finals week at Brooks, stuff to take care of, over and out,

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Duchampian diagrams

This diagram is based on Duchamp's etching The Large Glass completed in 1965

I don't have time to blog so here's an e-mail I got from my friend Wal about the diagrams are sexy blog.

Duchamp was interested in the appearance of 'science' ie diagrams and created his own 'science' as a means of creativity. You may be familiar with his metre that he used to measure?

I love stuff that has been produced for one purpose and its appearance is entriely fucntional, but has the happy by-product of being beautiful. I also love those scraps of paper that are left over after a discussion that are splattered with scribbles of illustration and that are meaningless to even the conversationalists shortly after the conversation has ended. Pollock always said that the painting is dead the moment the last drip of paint hits the canvas.

I love areas of human involvement that are now being reclaimed by nature. The shells of defunct petrol stations are a particular favourite.

The new bookcases have arrived and the many sections are now to be carried up two flights of stairs. I am currently resting between carrying the sixth and seventh section.


Mr Wal

This is one of the things I always liked about Joseph Beuys's drawings too.

Monday, March 20, 2006


I had written a blog and was working on the art for it but I ended up having to force quit out of Photoshop and I accidently force quit Safari forgetting that I hadn't published the blog yet, oh well. Before I lost my writing I was talking about taking action. The first step is to design some paintings and sculptures for a show I want to do at the Black Maria Gallery. I did a drawing in Photoshop but as I said it crashed, I did get a screen capture though so here it is.

I felt I needed to try this as a vector because I see the paintings being this way.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Diagrams are sexy

This is an appropriated image with text added, a diagram from the manual that comes with the JVC Everico video camera I just bought. This image touches on two areas of interest in my work. The first of these areas of interest is the way that conmsumer products, especially technology help to define us for good or bad. I already mentioned this on this blog. The other area is a stylistic rather than conceptual thing, I have long had a fascination with diagrams, exploded views of engines technical drawings and information graphics in general. I think it's interesting that people never get famous for doing this stuff, yet the best diagramatic art rivals the best graphic arts such as poster design and packaging. I am interested in the functionality of these darwings but also the clinical detached style can be useful for coopting for fine art and editorial illustration.

By the way today is my Birthday, I'm as old as the hills.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


my mind isn't working right now, Here some art about how sleepy I am.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Old ideas come to the surface

This process of blogging is dredging up old ideas. Some of these ideas have been with me like friends for years now. For awful long time now I have had a fictitious character named Norman Gray that I developed. Norman has a fairly well fixed identity but his role in my artistic endeavors shifts around. I don't think of him as an alter ego as such, although I suppose you could describe him that way. I am not sure whether he is dead or if I should resurrect him as a part of my process. I don't recall exactly where Norman began maybe in some stabbing attempts at writing a novel. Around 1999 I had this idea that I could make art pieces I didn't have the time, money or space to produce by making them a part of a novel, the act of description if vivid enough would make the pieces exist and I have generally had more fun coming up with ideas than actually making the objects themselves, in this way I am a conceptual artist but I really just a dreamer. I see a lot of this ideas, symbols and personal visual vocabulary as being a complex web that is slowly forming in my mind over time, for along time the mundane aspects of life like working and cleaning house were a distraction from this very important mental construct that I was engaged in. Today I have a far less grandiose view of this mental activity or inner life but I enjoy its richness it makes life meaningful on so many different levels.

The other thing that this blogging process has dredged up is the amount of themes and threads that run through my work. I am often interested in the idea of real and not real, Norman Gray is a good example of this. The shed is a reoccurring theme, Norman Gray actually lives in a shed, and the shed however symbolizes the brain and specifically stored memories. The shed is also representative of a basic form, it's the most rudimentary form of architecture, pure function no frills. I like the way in England you get these old garden sheds at the end of a garden that are weathered by age, they seem so humble and so noble all at the same time.

The eyeball is another iconic image that often comes up in my work obviously symbolic of vision but I think there is more to it, the eyes that my work often conjures up are usually breast like. I have no idea what that's all about. I like the work to be somewhat mysterious, I want it to come from a place that is in the shadows I like exploring these hidden veins of truth but I think if I really found the answer it would spoil it for me.

Tonight I am going to make a piece of art around some of these themes.

This is the piece I made, connecting the dots, falling apart, confusion, overload, etc.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Latest ad

I got the chance to place an ad in the Los Feliz Ledger every month, I don't really have a business to advertise so I do a piece of art each month based on my eye symbol. I would like to expand this idea so if anyone has a magazine and will give me free or cheap advertizing to make your periodical more beautiful or for trade I'm interested. This is the 6th in a series of ads, I will put the other 5 up here when I get around to copying them from the G5. They all have in the corner as a sign-off but they are really supposed to be ads for arts sake.

No Time

I am back at work after the weekend and I am limited in time so, to temper my obsessive nature I will have to limit my blog to 20 minutes today, the piece of art I made is a comment on my lack of time, this was done in Illustrator. It'’s currently 10:43 AM. I need to get this finished for 11:00 AM, deadlines. Oh no, deadlines!

I am out of time and blogger is not letting me upload my image. This is very annoying.

I had one more go at uploading before leaving and thankfully it worked.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I took my decent camera for a spin today, I wanted to take some photos of found words. I like taking flix of old signage and hand done signs. I didn't take a lot of shots maybe around 50 and some are not that exciting but I got an idea for exhibiting color photos small mounted on boxes that stick out from the wall at different depths.

Personal style

I am often perplexed by the idea that my art needs to mean something and that the meanings need to be fully formed. Should pieces of art form a cohesive body of work? On the surface it seems obvious that the work should all hang together but there is a part of me that insists on rebelling against this assumption and my gut says rebel. One of the things that has always attracted me to Gerhardt Richter’s work is the fact that he continues to do two distinctly different types of painting, pure abstraction and photo-realism. My work has themes but I like them to be loose. I remember in an old Thames and Hudson book called Modern Art Since 1945 it explained how Hockney aimed to make art that was in a whole bunch of different styles, it struck me then that I like to explore different ideas different, styles, techniques and approaches all the time. Anyway, I am sure that eventually when I look back on my life’s work that there will be threads and stylistic similarities that are unmistakable but I can’t see it, perhaps I’m too close to the process to really see the big picture. The point of this entry is to announce to myself and anyone reading that I don’t care, I just make art, someone else can do the judging.

I need to make some art to go along with today's blog I will do that later on.

Bomb boy

This is a piece that I had started some time ago. One of the reasons for me doing this blog is to sort out in my head what ideas or sets of work I have an organize a show. I am hoping to set up a show at The Black Maria Gallery in Atwater Village some time this year. This set of sculptures would work well at Black Maria, I could do with some wall stuff, probabaly paintings or collages to go along with them. I just left this one because I'm not crazy about the way the bomb came out I. I am going to go ahead and finish this one up and paint it regardless and then start on another, maybe a woman pushing a stroller.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Photos of domestic communication

These are a couple of pictures I took the other night. My beautiful wife Olga created this typographic masterpiece, non-verbal communication with style, the power of the written word, moveable, re-usable type, it's got it all.

This piece called "Swallow" was shot the same time but I manipulated it. When I was arranging the cookie letters I didn't intend it to look like the Hollywood sign but this makes this image all the better for me.

Always Hungry

I decided instead of doing a new piece of art specifically to ad to my blog I will ad a piece I have done before. I made this piece several months ago, it’s called "Always hungry". I have been thinking that it would make a great toy like you get from Kid Robot, Hong Kong vinyl type thing. I was talking to one of my students Aaron, about using this technique for one of his characters that he was using for the Advanced Computer Illustration class on Friday. Aaron is very influenced by the whole urban art scene especially Twist. He told me that this idea to use foam to carve was a real break-through for him a light bulb went off. I got turned on to using this green foam from Larry Klepper. I am not sure where larry got the idea from. There are other types of foam, which I should probably explore, some designed or marketed specifically for sculpting with.

Friday, March 10, 2006

In the Pink Shadows

This is a continuation of my new found interest in Wacom tablet drawing. It's lunch, I'm having coffee at It's a Grind, oh yeah carrot cake as well.


Logic, no idea, it's brain soup and stuff. Gone back to looking at Richter.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am still trying to define what and why I am doing this blog. I'm tired tonight and I felt like not doing anything. I forced myself to make a simple piece of digital art. The process it's self is an important part of the reason for doing it. Now I feel like I have to make a piece of art everyday and check it off my list. I don't expect these bits of ideas to always be great art that isn't the point it's a sketchbook. If there are spelling mistakes and other typos, fine, so be it.

I didn't have an idea to work with in particular but I did get a new Wacom tablet today so I decided to take that for a spin. I have always been very interested in technique. Technique tends to be looked down on, it's all about concept but I think that technique and the exploration of technique is revealing in and of it's self. I enjoy mark making and it's one area that without the pressure sesitive tablet the computer really lacks. This is not to say that tablets totally replace marks on paper or canvas, it's still a simulation and it's still less connected than traditional media. Even though I have used pressure sensitive pads before I have never really got in to it. I am trying to give it another shot, I do like the way this Intuos 3 works with Photoshop although I still need to try out some other nibs and settings.

When I was doing the scribble piece that i have uploaded here I was excitedd about the animated nature of the marks and it made me consider doing some Flash stuff to shove up here.

Yesterday I had promised images and I still need to do that, I am sure there is tons of typos because I ready to collapse from lack of sleep. Why am I apologizing?

Day 2

This is the second day of my blog and I am quite excited about it. I am having more ideas about what I can put on here.

I get home late on Tuesdays, I teach until 8:00 PM. When I got home Olga had cooked me a meal, after dinner she brought me a coffee and on a saucer next to my coffee was a plate with six cookies. The cookies were those alphabet cookies that come in a large jar. The six letters were F,U, C, K, M and E. I liked this small piece of domestic non verbal communication on a whole bunch of levels. It wasn't so much what was being said because let's face it we've been married 14 years, it's a Tuesday night and we have kids, no what struck me way the typographic artistry, the incongruity of message and form that some how seemed to align like the panels on a German car. I took some flix of the message and some other obscenities we spelled out to one another, I'll upload them as soon as I can unfortunately it's 1:12 AM and I have classes to prepare and I still need to shower so the pics might have to wait.

We played with these cookie letters for a good quarter of an hour digging for the required letter to build our thoughts. This simple stupid personal moment with my wife reminds me that typography is sculptural and that life is loved in moments of apparent madness.

To top the evening off I went walking up and down in the backyard with Charlie the dog, listing to some banging tunes from the Arctic Monkeys, I began dancing as I often do when listing to good sounds late at night in the yard alone. This reminded me of an idea I have had before to make an iPod commercial using a home DV camera dancing to the music, shadowy

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I wrote a post once and then deleted it when trying to delete an entirely different blog that i had begun a couple of years back. I started this because I had it on my to do list to start a blog. What I want to do is make a digital sketchbook or scrap book. We'll see if I can do this how I imagined it.

Don't expect good grammer or spelling. Hopefully I will present a stream of ideas and images that will make you think and more importantly act. I am doing this to give structure to my desire to create art on a dily basis.

The first image was done playing with a Wacom tablet. I had this vague idea to create a series of piieces of art basedon the material objects that I desire. I am currently fascinated with the notion that what we buy forms who we are on a variety of levels. What we own changes our self image, it changes the type of things we can do in certain cases, etc. This is the 2006 BMW M5 which looks like a regular 5 series family sedan only it has a V10/550HP under the hood.